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FREE Mushroom ID Class : Mushroom Foraging For Beginners!

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Join Kevin from "Catch and Cook California" in this engaging and educational series designed for beginners eager to learn the art of mushroom foraging. Throughout this series, participants will explore various regions of California, discovering how to safely identify, harvest, and cook a range of edible mushrooms. This course not only teaches you about different mushroom species but also offers hands-on sessions on preparing them in delicious ways. NOTE: All quizzes require a 100% passing score due to the critical nature of the subject matter. We appreciate your understanding as we ensure the highest standard of learning and safety. Course Highlights: Episode 1: Chanterelles Episode 2: King Bolete (Porcini) Episode 3: Assortment of Boletes Episode 4: Oyster Mushrooms Episode 5: Black Trumpet Mushrooms Episode 6: Foraging in Practice Earn Badges and Certification: Participants can earn digital badges as they complete The course, symbolizing their growing expertise. Upon completing the series, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion, validating their newfound skills and knowledge in mushroom foraging. Kevin emphasizes responsible foraging, teaching techniques to minimize impact on natural habitats and ensuring sustainability. He also stresses the importance of verifying all foraged mushrooms using multiple sources, and if possible, learning alongside an experienced forager. Enroll now in "Mushroom Foraging for Beginners" to transform your nature walks into treasure hunts, safely identifying, harvesting, and cooking wild mushrooms, while earning recognition for your foraging skills.





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