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Mushroom Identification

Unearth Nature's Hidden Delicacies
Service Description

Embark on a fungal foray along the breathtaking Coast with Kevin’s exclusive mushroom identification course! With limited spots, this intimate experience is your gateway to becoming a shrewd mushroom hunter. Here’s what this immersive adventure includes:

1 Houre : Mushroom Identification Mastery Kick off your morning with a power-packed hour diving into the fascinating world of fungi. Learn the secrets of mushroom identification from an expert and get ready to see the forest floor in a whole new light!


3 Houres (OPTIONAL): Course complete? Not for the wild at heart! Stick around for an optional three-hour foraging expedition. It's your chance to apply what you've learned and scout for some wild treasures alongside fellow fungi enthusiasts and your trusty guide (that's me!).


Weather & Time Permitting (OPTIONAL): Gourmet Wild Mushroom Treat If Mother Nature and the mushroom gods are smiling upon us, the adventure will climax with a live cooking demo in the woods. Savor a gourmet wild mushroom appetizer prepared from our foraging finds. It's the perfect end to a perfect day of mushroom madness.


Note: Come rain or shine, this mushroom escapade is happening! Mushrooms thrive in the rain, and so will we. Don your best rain gear and embrace the elements as we embark on this journey together.


Participants should dress appropriately for the outdoors, bring any necessary personal items, and prepare for an engaging and informative adventure in the wild.


Expert Identification: Sharpen your eyes and minds to spot and identify a variety of mushrooms, using professional techniques that Kevin has honed over countless forages.


Hands-On Learning: Dive into hands-on experience with actual fieldwork, feeling the textures and smelling the scents that make each species unique.


Edibility Education: Learn the key attributes that distinguish a delightful edible from fatal fungi, using the guidebook as your trusty sidekick.


Foraging Expedition: Post-class, put your knowledge to the test as you hunt for edible treasures like porcini and golden chanterelles that nature has to offer.


Field-To-Plate Experience: Savor the taste of the wild with a specially prepared mushroom appetizer, cooked right in the heart of the forest by Kevin himself. Tailored Adventure: With a cap at nine foragers, expect personalized guidance and an experience that caters to your curiosity and dietary needs.


Essential Gear Tips: Kevin Highly suggests you pick up this book for the hunt:

All That the Rain Promises and More

For $150, not only do you get to learn and explore, but you also get to taste the forest's bounty in the most natural setting. Spots fill up fast, so reserve yours and get ready to transform from a casual nature lover into a confident forager. This is more than a course; it’s an investment in a skill that will last a lifetime. Ready to step into the world of mushrooms with Kevin? Let the forest adventure begin!

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